The Isofix Baby Car Seat System

Made a mandatory inclusion in 2006 for all new cars, the ISOFix system is a standard fitting system allowing child car seats to be fitted into cars without the use of adult seatbelts. By removing the use of the adult seatbelt, the risk of mis-fitting is taken away, helping to ensure that your child receives the ultimate protection in the unfortunate event of an accident.

Now regarded as the safest form of travel for children, all new cars must have universal ISOFix anchorages for a minimum of two seating positions. Furthermore, to ensure that the points are universal, the ISOFix system requires three, separate anchorage points. Two of these points are located at part of the seat where the back meets the base and there is a third point behind the seat. The first two points are to securely hold the seat in place, whilst the third (the point behind the seat) is there to ensure the seat doesn’t fall forwards.

The idea behind the ISOFix system is simple, yet so effective – to be able to purchase any car seat for your child (based on their age and height) and have it fit in any car, wherever you are. The seat can be easily transferred from new car to old, parents to grandparents within a matter of seconds.

As all seats don’t currently use the ISOFix system and older cars do not have the ISOFix anchorage points, there are several devices on the market to solve this problem, such as the ISOFix car seat base. This allows the seat to use the ISOFix system, even though the car seat doesn’t have the necessary ISOFix point.

Somewhat surprisingly, the ISOFix system actually dates back to the early 1990′s. Unknown to most parents, most cars manufactured throughout the 1990′s had at least two anchorage points (the two points between the seat base and back). The system wasn’t widely marketed and although several seats were produced for the ISOFix system, the use of the adult seatbelt was still deemed safe and the most affordable option.

Discovering whether your car has ISOFix anchorage points is simple – they will be clearly labeled. You can feel the points by placing your hand between the seat back and base or alternatively check your car owner’s manual or consult your car manufacturer.

2001 saw a survey carried out that showed a massive 80% of car seats examined weren’t fitted correctly. With ISOFix now being compulsory in all new cars, there should be a reduction in this figure, leading to a reduction in the number of car seat related deaths and injuries.

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Car Seat Travel Bag and Using a Car Seat on Flight

Parents often find it necessary to bring a car seat travel bag when they’re travelling with an infant. This is equipment that helps you carry your seat when you’re travelling. That is, if you intend to use a car seat in a flight.

Many parents are now opting to buy a car seat travel bag to carry their seat. More and more people are starting to realize that placing an infant on the lap is not enough protection in case rough air or turbulence occurs. This is one of the most common injuries of infant. Having a car seat in a flight is a secure way of seating your child with his own seat belt and padded chair. In case the plane crashes, fastening the seatbelt can avoid injury on your child which is more likely to happen when he is on your lap.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, they highly recommend children of 40 pounds at most be cradled in a car seat. This is one of the reasons why a lot of parents now are getting themselves their own car seat travel bag. Furthermore, we all know that your child is more likely to exhibit good behavior if he is sitting on a comfortable and familiar chair. Surely you will find the trip light without having to carry a baby with you on the lap.

As for children who utilize a forward- and rear-facing seat with harness, it is recommended that only with the label of certification for use in motor vehicles and aircraft can be used on a flight. The seat should ideally be less than 16″ wide to fit on the chair. As for seats bought abroad, they need to check the label and make sure that the seat has met the standards of the said foreign government or at least the United Nations.

Those which are not allowed would be child vests, belly belts, and booster belts. Aside from that, only children below the age of 2 are allowed to use a car seat. For children over 2 years, they are required to use the standard seat belt. Children, on the other hand, who do not fit into the seat’s harness, can use the lap belts instead. The aircraft seat belt can also fit the child even more snugly than that of a motor vehicle’s.

There are times when you can choose not to buy another ticket for your child under the age of 2 years. If you’re lucky to get into a flight with an available free seat, then you are most probably getting a free ticket for your child. However, you should ask the airline first if they can give you one.

When you are already on board a plane, make sure that you are using the seat properly. Take off the car seat travel bag, and make sure to read and follow the instructions stated in the procedure manual. Most often, it comes with tethers that are used without it being anchored. Check the lap belt, and always keep the harnesses buckled all through the flight.

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The Importance of Having Car Seat Strollers

The preparation of another family member is not an easy task. Just imagine how hard it is to choose for baby clothes, to select for quality baby equipments, to purchase for baby furniture and to see to it for the newborn’s safety and protection. There is mixed emotions and to top it all off, parents seem to find no rest when the delivery of the baby is getting near.

Right now, there are already plenty of choices among the different baby equipments. When you try and visit shopping malls, you will clearly see a wide range of different baby’s toys, clothes, strollers, cribs and a whole lot more. There are some mom’s out there who tend to become really very particular when it comes to quality and the brand of baby equipments that they purchase. Since the newborns need to have delicate care, they should be pampered and be equipped with nothing but the best in this world.

Decorating the baby’s room with lovely colors is just what soon to be parents love to do months before the expected date of delivery. It is nice to see how they become so very excited and at the same time anxious for the coming of the new member in the family. And as soon as the little angel is born, he/she gets even more pampered by his/her parents with tender loving care.

It is the role of parents to bring out their very best when it comes to proper care to their children whether they are already old or perhaps still young. Parenthood is not only a mere obligation but rather it is more of a lifetime responsibility. It is their everyday duty to ensure that their kids are safe, are happy and are responsible as well.

When it comes to ensuring the little kids safety, it has always been a dilemma to every parent as to how they could give protection to their baby’s when they travel. Good thing that this modern world has answers to those problems. Truly, there are just so many creative individuals who have contributed so many great things like the car seat strollers which have been very helpful to all those families all over the world.

Car seat strollers definitely gave parents convenience and ease when they are travelling. Car seat strollers are simply made and carefully designed to provide the child with utmost protection in case of car accidents or from possible harm and injury. The sit n stroll car seat stroller is just one great product that has given parents less hassle. They can just easily attach and remove the baby’s seat from the stroller and attach it onto the car seat again.

If parents want to have a double purpose infant car seat, they can start looking for one in different baby shops or in shopping malls. The manufacturers of this type of car seat have perfectly measured and designed the seats according to the car’s measurements as well. They really fit into the car and they can even just remove the seat in as fast as five seconds. There are plenty of quality infant car seats that have been manufactured worldwide.

It is just so perfect having a new family member at home. Even though it is difficult to give them care and attention, still it is very rewarding once we see the baby’s developments and the sound of his laugh.

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